Family Lake Vacation 2016

August 8, 2016

Well y’all I’m just a vacation behind, but I wanted to share a little bit of our trip with my husband’s side of the family! This year we went to lake Richland Chambers just outside of Dallas. I grew up close to the lake and have very fond memories of going out on the boat, tubing, wakeboarding, and fishing. The lake to me is a little home away from home. As I close my eyes I can still hear the sound of the water splashing against the side of the boat, and feel the wave of relaxation while floating in the water as the sun rays beam down to give a warm and gentle hug. I love being out on the lake! 🙂

The view from the house out to the lake was pretty perfect too. With all of the hustle and bustle that Houston brings the calming view could not have been any better!



Of course we also had a girl’s day, and Hannah gladly tagged along! We first took a stop to get our nails done….


…. and then walked around Corsicana to do a little shopping! It was the cutest little town with lots of little antique shops and an awesome restaurant with an old soda fountain!



Of course… Hannah took a little nap.






Hannah was pretty much done by the end of the girl’s day, but I have to give it to her, she did pretty well!


Of course as the evenings came I could not help but to see the AMAZING light that illuminated the water, so of course I picked up my camera and had a little photo sesh with the fam!



These two are getting married in April 2017!! Aren’t they just adorbs?!












I remember taking engagements for these two! EEK I love to see how their little family has grown with the addition of Maverick! (That’s their dog BTW) 😉



And of course this lovely lady! She’ll be coming back to Houston in December and we couldn’t be more excited!!








She’s gorgeous y’all!


And of course the dogs got to have a little fun too! What dog doesn’t do this when the sprinklers come on?! I mean, seriously?!


Needless to say we had a great time!

Until next time!



Lauren Holub