4th of July 2016

July 7, 2016

This is something a little new to me. As a photographer, I always get asked if I take a lot of photos of my family, and well, it was hard to answer that I really didn’t. So, I am challenging myself to take more photos of my family, and really capture the moments that I get to spend with them.

For my first personal post, what better way than to share a celebration!


We headed out to my husband’s grandmothers house, the Saturday before the 4th of July, to spend time with her. I truly cherish these moments because it brings to light a part of my husbands past that made him the man he is today. My husband’s grandmother lives in rural Texas, where there are about three stop lights in the whole town (side note…we get stuck at all three every time we visit…I might need to call them on that..). She lives in a small farmhouse that has history writing in it’s walls.

As we settled in, we took our baby girl out for walk to see the cows and to smell the fresh country air (had a hint of cow manure, but hey, that’s what makes it the country right?!)._46A2699








Our dog Ranger felt right at home. 🙂







You can tell there are many stories to be told at this place. From the rusted machinery in the yard…



…and the well worn basketball goal….


…to the inside of the home where habits show wear and give history lessons of the past…




My husband’s grandmother is 91 years old, and will be 92 this year. She is probably one of the toughest, yet kind hearted souls I have ever met. She will tell it like it is, and pray a rosary for you if you disagree.

She cooks to show you how much she loves you, even when she has little.














Everything she makes is from scratch. These are crock pickles fresh from her garden. 🙂


Both my husband and our baby girl LOVES them!


Her home-made bread is the best I have ever had! I ashamedly asked her if she used a mixer. She kindly said, “nope, just use my hands.” I should have known! These are the foods that are made with love every day.





She loves our baby girl so much!





Of course, after we eat, the cook gets to rest while we clean the dishes!




Then we are off to watch some FOX and Mollie B Polka to wrap up the evening!



We finished up our day on the farm, by feeding Ranger some good and nutritious dirt. Hey, it’s from the farm, so it’s got to be good right?! I promise we fed him real food, please don’t call the animal humane society! 🙂






The next day we headed to my home town to celebrate my birthday, and the 4th of July! Our town has one of the oldest 4th of July parades in the state of Texas! I’ve heard somewhere that it could also be in the USA, but I’m not sure if that fact check is true, so I’ll just say Texas. Anywho… This was our baby girl’s first experience, and she LOVED it! Don’t mind the snotty nose… she’s teething (which, if you don’t have kids, makes their bodies do crazy things that you would never in your life think teething could be the culprit of… “Oh she’s fussy? Must be teething” … “Oh she’s got horrible stomach problems? Must be teething” … “Oh she’s got a weird rash and looks like she should be taken to the dr? Must be teething”. (The last one might be a little exaggerated, but you get my drift.)  😉






She became tired pretty quickly… :/


So… when you are tired what do you do?! PHOTOSHOOT! hehe I’m the best mom in the world, I know. 🙂  We headed out to the backyard to snap a couple with my mom, and then a few alone. Because, how cute was she?! I mean, come on.


Yeah… she’s a little sassy pants..



Yay for the 4th of July!!






Happy 4th of July from my family to yours!! 🙂




Lauren Holub