Maryanna + Chris – Wedding

May 17, 2016

What a WONDERFUL wedding this was. I absolutely love capturing these two. They truly have such joy and love for each other, not to mention they were married in one of the coolest chapels I have ever been in! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.







IMG_0782  IMG_0786  IMG_0791  IMG_0797  IMG_0803  IMG_0808  IMG_0819  IMG_0825  IMG_0848  IMG_0865  IMG_0870  IMG_0879  IMG_0882  IMG_0888  IMG_0898  IMG_0903  IMG_0905  IMG_0907  IMG_0917  IMG_0925  IMG_0928  IMG_0935  IMG_0940  IMG_0945  IMG_0951  IMG_0964  IMG_0970  IMG_0977  IMG_0993  IMG_1015   IMG_1026   IMG_1035  IMG_1045  IMG_1056  IMG_1067  IMG_1068  IMG_1070  IMG_1074  IMG_1081  IMG_1088  IMG_1093  IMG_1097  IMG_1102  IMG_1104  IMG_1113  IMG_1119  IMG_1126  IMG_1128  IMG_1131  IMG_1136  IMG_1156  IMG_1165  IMG_1172  IMG_1183  IMG_1253  IMG_1256  IMG_1318  IMG_1328  IMG_1338  IMG_1351  IMG_1364  IMG_1377  IMG_1430  IMG_1433  IMG_1447  IMG_1450  IMG_1464  IMG_1469  IMG_1492  IMG_1496  IMG_1497  IMG_1504  IMG_1508  IMG_1512  IMG_1515  IMG_1519  IMG_1527  IMG_1532  IMG_1541  IMG_1545  IMG_1555  IMG_1567  IMG_1572  IMG_1590  IMG_1603  IMG_1612  IMG_1649  IMG_1670  IMG_1690  IMG_1691  IMG_1692  IMG_1701  IMG_1713  IMG_1715

All my best in your new lives together,

Lauren Holub